I have tested the local electric scooter Happy Scoot

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 I have tested the local electric scooter Happy Scoot

This is the current trend: to move by rolling. I have therefore decided to hop on one of these machines proposed by a company from Brest. Feedback.

Hover boards, self-balancing machines and electric scooters are thriving in our streets. I have therefore decided to test. Starting with the electric scooter. But not just any electric scooter, I have chosen Happy Scoot, the local electric scooter made in Brest. “ The keyword guiding me is innovation, I like to understand requests to provide a solution ” explains Steven Friant, at the head of this Breton company that choses the electric scooter market to thrive.


The meeting takes place in the Moulin-Blanc port of Brest. Car trunk open, Steven Friant quickly assembles three scooters to demonstrate. First, I am impressed by the options at the disposal of machines: a removable Lithium battery for convenience, an optimal security and above all... reverse gear ! “ We are probably the first on a worldwide scale to offer this option ” enthuses the entrepreneur.

Photo: It is a piece a cake to drive Happy Scoot.
The Coté Brest newspaper has tested the electric scooter Happy Scoot.

Then, with just a turn of a key, he shows me the simplicity of use of his product. I choose the scooter provided with a sitting surface and I sit down. This model does not fully fit with my age group but rather with an audience of seniors or professionals but it is the same idea: to facilitate the movement. I am heading down the docks with the greatest of ease. It is a piece of cake to drive Happy Scoot, the scooter is highly stable thanks to its three wheels that make it different from classic models. Very handy. And it seems so light. We start it by a slight turn of a key and we use the braking system and the accelerator with complete freedom. The speed can reach 18 kilometres an hour and batteries recharge after four hours of use with a standard plug.

At Kergaradec

To transport it, it is sufficient to fold and put its 23 kilos at the rear of your vehicle. Steven Friant develops a more sportive model without a sitting surface and a specific model to move on the green and practice golf. All materials are from France except for the wheels that are imported from Asia. Welded, folded, curved and assembled at Brest (area of Kergaradec), the electric scooter Happy Scoot costs from 1790 to 2490 euros. The price of quality and innovation, not necessarily affordable for everyone, of course, yet so pleasant to handle.

The article has been published on May 18 2016 in the Coté Brest newspaper of the Ouest-France group 

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